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Watch the global live stream at 12:00 on May 17th


Join us for a social distancing digital art intervention. Artists from around the world will simultaneously broadcast works live from their homes as their feeds are mixed into an evolving digital tapestry of visuals and sound.

If you are an artist that would like to participate, express your interest here.


Celine Low: T R N S H M N S M12:00
Bry & Van : Party in the Quantum Realm12:05
Alasdair Simpson: Empty Office12:07
Tira Techanithisawat Thirawit: BIRTH12:10
Pablo Bellinghausen: From Silk to Silicon12:13
Alvin Chew Jia Liang : Quantum Physics12:15
Sara Choudhrey: Elements Exhibition 12:20
Eunice Yeung: Euphoric12:25
Sophia Ppali: Depression- from bloodletting to wearable technologies12:28
Marianna Caprio: Untyped12:30
Ellen Kågeman: Across the Sea12:32
Tanya Liang: Thriving12:34
Jintil Baby: Dark12:36
Sofia Anarkali: Belly Dance Performance12:39
Nicole Clifton-Williams: The Silk Journey12:41
Erika Hughes: Digital Tapestry12:47
Valeria Ivanova: Time12:50
Kit Danowski: Video Performance12:50
Eleni Giorgaki: Dance Performance12:52
Tamsin Gatzanis: Fast Fashion12:54
Lea Sep: Lip Sync Brexit Scene12:59
Yeo Ying Zhi + Ayesha Fathima + Clarita Saslim: Total Eclipse of the Sand 13:02
Natalie Ang Shi Hui + Wee Yen: Passage 13:04
Grace Lau & Chris Wheadon: UKC Swing Society Performance13:07
Chloe Gregoriou: Monologue13:12
Jamie Lim: Inkverse13:16
Tan Chloe: Journey13:18
Amadea Low: Spaceriver13:21
Tan Ying Hui: Strands of Time13:21
Jacelyn Ng: 蓝 (Blue)13:27
Yan Ran + Ong Jia Ying + Yuen Jia Jun: Journey to the West13:29
Ziling Chew: Many Worlds Interpretation13:31
Martin Dorfer: A Hole in the Wall13:33
Cheng Si Min + Chloe Leong: Desert Dragon13:36
Michalis Ppalis: Children of Asia13:42
Joseph Lambert: PARADISE LOST?13:44
Ryan Richards: Silk Choreography13:46
Ellie Liu Yixuan: Silk Moon13:48
Jasmina Huynh: A glitch in the Matrix13:50
Antonia Tabi: Silk of Cards:13:52
David Akinola: Romance Dawn13:54
Tiffany Ng: The Seen and Unseen13:56
Clarita Saslim14:00




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WAVES 2020

“This is a glimpse of the video landscape of tomorrow when you will be able to switch to any TV station on the earth, and TV Guide will be as fat as the Manhattan telephone book.” Nam June Paik

In 1968, the godfather of video art, Nam June Paik, began a synthesized scream from the broken bits of dismantled television sets in an attempt to reach upstream of authoritarian broadcasts. As the new cathode rays blasted mono-culture traction beams into eyeholes around the globe, he scratched, soldered, mixed, and mashed wires, and light from a little studio in Boston, to dance noise back into the tv signal and try make the world groove. He pioneered the first video mixer and his lifelong work was to disrupt the isolating force of broadcasts, by feeding the signal back into itself with help from his artist friends along the way. His art culminated into a global groove that is as relevant now as it has ever been.

Amid social isolation, his vision of crossing media streams and connecting artists around the world is in fact more important than ever. WAVES is an effort to draw from that spirit of disruption to insert a bit of danceable noise into the signals bombarding us today. Sunday, May 17th, artists from Singapore, the UK and around the world will be broadcasting art from their homes and then mixed and mashed live for your digital pleasure. You are invited to join the global stream and help us disrupt our isolation by connecting to our YouTube channel and live chat.  Audiences are encouraged to rebroadcast the live stream with your own inserted danceable noise to your favourite streaming platforms.


The WAVES event was originally a live video art event that took place at Nanyang Technical University in Singapore and the University of Kent in Canterbury, U.K. The event collected student video artworks designed for architectural projection experiences and invited the public to gather and engage with live art. With the social isolation mandates brought on by the pandemic, the organizers of the event sought to re-imagine the experience for streaming audiences. A new format of exhibition focused on connecting isolating artists emerged after discussing the recent exhibit of Nam Junes Paik’s work at the Tate Modern.


If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch using the form below.


Project Leads UK: Dr Rocio von Jugenfeld, Boyd Branch, Alexandra Covaci

Project Leads Singapore: Ina Conradi

Student Support UK: Pablo Bellinghausen-Riess, Tamsin Gatzanis, Alasdair Simpson, Dominic Telhado-Lobo

Staff Support UK: Mayank Loonker, Sophia Ppali


UKC Institutional Support Liz Moran, Oliver Carruthers, David Haigh, Dave Yard

NTU Singapore Institutional Support Teh Eng Eng, Faith, Muhammad Mustajab Bin Mohamad, Solomon Quek Jia Liang


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